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Han-Hsiu Chen

  • Chen, H. H. 2016. Following the Transfer of Technology: The Embedded Social Connections in Taiwan’s Tobacco Settlements. Advances in Historical Studies, 5, 102-111 
  • Chen, H. H. & Hoskins, G., 2017. Tobacco Crop Memories in Taiwan: The Heritage of A Deadly Agriculture, in Hsiao Hsin-Huang Michael., Hui Yew-Foong., &Peycam Philippe (eds). Citizens, Civil Society and Heritage-making in Asia. Singapore: ISEAS / IIAS / Taipei: Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, 305-321.
  • Chen, H. H. 2015. Tobacco agriculture as heritage? A dramatic story of dangerous crop, in Jacob F (ed). Tobacco and Society. Böhlau: Cologn Germany, 214-250.
  • 國立東華大學一般碩士及亞太國際碩士論文口試委員。

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