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Welcome to the Department of Cultural Vocation Development

We aim to cultivate cultural industry professionals who possess integrative skills and can engage in independent creation or teamwork, with

advanced knowledge and skills. Any business that uses culture as its foundation and uses text, images, sound, action, and display as means

of expression, with the core focus on marketing culture and the goal of creating commercial value, such as cultural, artistic, literary, recreational,

and lifestyle businesses, all fall under the category of cultural industry. The technical ability required for the cultural vocation is sufficiently

capable rather than deeply skilled, aiming to have the ability to use innovative operations effectively, and when necessary, to have effective

dialogue with technically skilled experts using a shared language.


The application protal will open on October 1st every year.


For more information:

International students, please link to
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Overseas Chinese Students, please link to 

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Four-Year Program, Department of Cultural Vocation Development

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