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Department of Cultural Vocation Development was established in 2011 (B.A.), and later developed, into extensive master program in 2017.

In B.A. program, there are 4 grades and each grade has 1 class of 40 students around. In M.A. program, 10 maximum students are recruited every year.

Since culture is broad and wide, and cultural vocation is built by the foundation of culture in general, the department recruits students with different backgrounds and abilities of housewifery, multi-media, management, languages, etc..

It is the aim to cultivate students with 3 learning goals of "culture and art", "planning and implementation", and "expression ability".

The academic goals of the Department focus on the following three aspects :
  1.  The integration of theony and practices of culture.
  2.  The training on professional skills of cultural vocation.
  3. The inspiration of creativity and independ thinking by diverse courses, include
the basic practical workshop, work placement and teamwork project.