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Program Introduction


Students may choose to specialize in any of the following options:

1. The creative digital media design using on cultural products development program.

This program cultivates ability of using creativity to reinvent and to revive culture, and builds MS students R & D capabilities by it. This program aims to cultivate practical, creative and professional talent.

2. Modern cultural creative industry management with combing creativity and art program.

MS students will try to develop cultural industry economy by using creative marketing module design. This program aims to cultivate MS students’ ability of cross-domain integration for connecting to international cultural creative industry.



Learning Outcomes

Knowledge of general cultural creative industry development method and theory and of a specific field within cultural creative industry.

Ability to participate in cultural creative industry and R & D within it.



Department features

This graduate school was founded in 2017 with three main targets:

First, cooperating with national policies by crossing culture and technology integration to cultivate students' culture revival and reinvent ability .

Second, cultivating cultural brand marketing management practical talents by using marketing theory and cultural creative industry practice to develop innovation strategy model of Creative Park.

Third, cultivating the students' abilities to enhance local value of cultural creative industry and at the same time gaining international competitiveness.