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【Announcement】The deadlines for applying for, conducting, and completing the graduate degree examination for the 112-2 academic semester at our university.

According to the regulations for master's and doctoral degree examinations at our university, the schedule for applying for graduate degree examinations is as follows:

  1. Application period for degree examinations: From the registration date until May 31, 2024.

  2. The examination period for each department: From the approval of the degree examination application until July 31, 2024.

  3. Deadline for withdrawing degree examination applications: Before July 31, 2024.

  4. Deadline for completing graduation and departure procedures: As scheduled in the academic calendar for the 112th academic year, it is set for August 26, 2024.

Graduate students who have completed registration and degree examination registration for this semester can proceed to apply for departure in the graduate departure system. If a graduate student has passed the degree examination before the previous semester (1st semester of the 112th academic year) and wishes to leave this semester (2nd semester of the 112th academic year), please contact the registration department coordinators for each department (Coordinator for our department: Mr. Chen Yuting) for registration in advance, to facilitate the processing of related matters.

Thank you!

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