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【Internship Opportunity】Healing Herbar Full-time Intern (2023 Summer)

Full-time Summer Internship at Healing Herbar

Workdays: Each workday is 6-8 hours.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Sorting and organizing herbal tea products.
  2. Packaging and shipping merchandise.
  3. Managing social media (creating/writing/uploading posts, responding to customer inquiries).
  4. Providing counter service.
  5. Brewing tea (approximately once a week).

Exclusive Benefits for Lao Ji'an Interns:

  1. Special discounts on products.
  2. Opportunity to observe/practice tableside hand-brewed tea service.
  3. Super fragrant and artsy working environment.
  4. Learning the basics of body care.
  5. Acquiring knowledge about common grass plants.

Interested students, please contact Teacher I-Min, Chang before July 7th of the 112th year. Thank you!

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