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【Language Center Announcement】 Professional English Vocabulary App - NKUST Vocab officially launched

The Language Center is excited to announce the launch of the new "NKUST Vocab" App.
It integrates professional English vocabulary and example sentences used in departmental and EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) courses.
The app offers features such as flashcards, vocabulary quizzes, and English proficiency test simulations, allowing students to enhance their professional English skills anytime, anywhere.
We encourage you to download and use it actively!

"NKUST Vocab" not only provides department-specific professional English vocabulary but also aims to facilitate effective transition into fully English-taught (EMI) courses.
It continuously compiles specialized vocabulary from EMI courses offered by various colleges.
The vocabulary includes example sentences and authentic pronunciation, as well as various word exercises like meaning quizzes and listening tests to reinforce students' understanding of professional English vocabulary.

NKUST Vocab also offers unlimited access to English proficiency test simulations, allowing students to practice extensively.

Download "NKUST Vocab" now!

Target audience: All enrolled students at NKUST
Login method: Username and password default to your student ID
User guide: Click here for instructions
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