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【Internship Opportunity】Sin Hong Choon Internship

【Internship Position】

Students currently enrolled in relevant majors in domestic and foreign universities, who are interested in museum research and practical training related to museum operations.

【Internship Hours and Schedule】

The minimum requirement for internship hours is 120 hours within 3 months. The schedule is from Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, arranged on a rotating basis.

【Internship Content】

Practical work such as tour guiding, art and cultural event promotion and execution, and museum operation assistance.

【Internship Allowance】

Interns are provided with an internship allowance of NT$180 per hour. As this is a learning opportunity, the museum does not provide labor insurance, health insurance, retirement benefits, transportation, or accommodation.

【Application Process】

❶ Download and complete the "Sinhong Choon Tea Co. Internship Application Form" from the link.

❷ Attach the internship project plan.

❸ Email the application to sinhongchoon1934@gmail.com with the subject line "Application for Sinhong Choon Internship - [Your Name]".

Link: https://reurl.cc/7RMaW5

【Acceptance Period】

From now until 6:00 pm on May 20, 2023.

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