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【Internship Opportunity】Museum of the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica

The Museum of the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica is seeking interns who are passionate about working in the fields of anthropology and ethnology museums.

Application period:2023-03-24 ~ 2023-04-10

Application Link:https://www.ioe.sinica.edu.tw/content/NewsLetter/Msg_content.aspx?SiteID=530164225631412251&MenuID=530164225702621331&MSID=2023032414125582432

1. Number of available positions: 1 to 5.
2. Application schedule:
   - 03.24 (Fri): Announcement of the internship program.
   - 04.10 (Mon) 5:00 PM: Application deadline.
   - 04.24 (Mon): Notification of interview schedule.
   - 05.15 (Mon): Announcement of selected interns.
3. Internship hours and duration:
   - Interns must complete at least 200 hours, which will be recorded based on their actual attendance. 
   - The internship period should ideally be completed within two to three months during the summer vacation, and applicants can specify their preferred duration in the application form. 
   - If there are special requirements, please also indicate them in the application form.
4. Qualifications:
   - Students enrolled in domestic or foreign colleges and universities, regardless of their major, can apply. 
   - Having relevant experience in anthropology, museum studies, cultural and historical work, or field research is preferred. 
   - Interns should be available for work five days a week and be able to attend the weekly internship program. They should also be willing to travel and participate in the museum's current business operations as required. 
   - Applicants should specify their relevant experience in the application form based on the skills required for each position.



Internship Content


Digital Museum

No limitation on majors, interested in digital collection and digital exhibition translation in museums, and want to learn how to construct metadata for collections. Assist in the establishment of digital collections and exhibitions, proofread and update metadata for collections, participate in discussions regarding the translation of digital exhibitions, and perform other related tasks for the museum.


Collaboration among Indigenous Groups

The position is open to all majors. We are seeking individuals who are interested in collaborating with indigenous communities to exhibit their cultural artifacts and participate in cultural heritage investigation projects. Assist in collaborative exhibitions with indigenous communities, organize research literature related to cultural heritage investigation projects, and perform other related tasks.


Multimedia Record

No limitation on majors, basic photography skills required, able to use DSLR cameras and video cameras. Experience in video editing is a plus. Assist in documenting museum events, editing visual materials, managing multimedia files, and perform other related tasks.


Educational Promotion

Open to all majors. We are seeking individuals who are interested in museum education. Experience in social media editing is a plus. Assist in museum education and outreach activities, managing social media accounts, providing audience services, and performing other related tasks.


5. Application Procedure:

Please email the internship application form and related supporting documents to Ms. Chen at mioepj@gate.sinica.edu.tw before 5:00 pm on April 10 (Monday).

The email subject should be "【112 Internship Application】Name".

Interview notices will be sent via email on April 24 (Monday).

If the application is not approved, there will be no further notice.

The selected candidates will be announced on May 15 (Monday).

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