Hsiu-Hui Yang


Hsiu-Hui Yang

Head of Programme


Department of Cultural Vocation Development







Rm 702 / 709, General Studies Building

02-27712171 #5601 / #3079




Chinese philosophy, Buddhism philosophy, Chinese literature culture, Child literature, Chinese Learning




PhD, Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University



















Yang Hsiu-Hui is the Chair of the Department of Cultural Vocation Development at the National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech). She graduated with a Ph.D. from the Department of Chinese at the National Taiwan Normal University, specializing in Chinese literature, religious philosophy, children’s literature, contemporary novels, appreciation for contemporary poetry, and Chinese as a second language (CSL). She received the Award for Outstanding Teacher in recognition for serving Taipei Tech. Furthermore, she was the former head of this university’s Chinese Language Training Center. She has published almost 20 Chinese language textbooks, and is currently undertaking research on Chinese language teaching/learning resources. In terms of Chinese language teaching, she was invited by the Overseas Community Affairs Council in 2017 for a west coast tour of the U.S., and offered lectures in Chinese language teacher seminars. In 2018, she was once again invited by the Overseas Community Affairs Council for an Indonesia tour, and offered lectures for local Chinese language teachers. She was also invited to the Taipei School in Ho Chi Minh City to hold a Chinese language teaching workshop. In terms of administration, she strives to achieve departmental expansion and development, and is currently working on promotion of Taipei Tech’s University Social Responsibility (USR) program, assisting professors to integrate pedagogy with social awareness, and cultivating students’ holistic views and enthusiasm towards serving the public.

Research Student





Yen-Li Lin

Research Subject: Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum

Year: 2018 to present